Many artists are happy to take custom orders, giving you the opportunity to commission a work of art. 

A Santa may be ordered to reflect your family with regard to the gender, coloring and number of your children, and be integrated into the scene painted on the body of the santa.  Don’t forget the family pets as well! 

Matryoshka can also be customized with your family members, or perhaps portraits of a child at various stages of life to celebrate an important milestone.  Our sports matryoshka can be painted to refelct any team - middle school, high school, college, or pro and just about any sport.  You can select the players, of course.  Another option is to have each doll in the matryoshka (typically there are five, but this can also be customized) represent a member of your family and their favorite team, so that each doll shows a different team adn has your family member's name on the jersey.

 Please allow 6-10 weeks, and Christmas orders need to be received by 1 October.  Contact us to find out more: 703-717-6274 or