About Us

It was the love and appreciation of the exquisite hand carved, hand painted depictions of Father Frost from Russian artisans, Santa Claus to us, that first brought us together. But it was the desire to share our love for these works of art with others that motivated us to launch Moscow on the Potomac in 2010. If you grew up in the decades between the 50’s and 80’s, hearing the words“Moscow on the Potomac” might take you back to memories of the Cold War and bomb shelters. But more than two decades since that time, relationships between the United States and Russia have warmed, and it is Russian works of art that have now captured our hearts.

We discovered these exquisite Santa Claus figures when Cindy was first posted to Moscow. Her enthusiasm and fervor for them was easily shared with Mary Jo on her travels to Russia. Nicole and Erin, daughters of Mary Jo, were equally taken with these unique figures. With Cindy’s return from Moscow and all four of us living in the Washington, D.C. area, the time was right to give others the opportunity to collect these intricate and varied works of art. We have expanded our product line to include other uniquely Russian items--the traditional nesting dolls (matryoshka), Faberge eggs, and beautiful linen products.

Cindy lived in Russia for a total of five years and is fluent in Russian. Being the warm and engaging, consummate diplomat that she is, she formed relationships and friendships with the artisans themselves. We all have traveled to Russia to meet our artisans as well as personally select our merchandise to ensure that we offer our customers the finest quality for the best possible price. We want to ensure that you have an enjoyable and reliable shopping experience, and satisfaction is guaranteed. Our products reflect our love of these cultural treasures, and we look forward to sharing them with you! May they become a very special part of your Christmas celebrations or stand as a work of art to keep the Christmas spirit alive all year through.